Learn a technique that can take your art from meh to WOW!

In this class you will learn stuff like composition, what pens to use and even how to breath life into your flowers. And the best thing about this style? It only takes a few minutes! You can totally do this while waiting for the potatoes to cook or while you cat finishes washing her paws.

Learn to confidently paint

Stunning Magnolia
Dancing Poppies
Greenery with life

"Exceptional work Camilla! I just love your teaching style and the way you just make me feel like I can totally do this!"

Hi, I’m Camilla

I'm a watercolorist from Denmark way up north. I live with my 2 kids, hubby and cats. I get all my inspiration for painting from nature and my passion is to pass this on to others to spread joy and calm which is exactly what watercolor gives me.

This course is closed for enrollment.


You might still have some burning questions so I will try to answer them here.

How long can I access the course?

Your in for life. So yes you can totally access this course as long as you wish.

Do I need a lot of fancy materials?

No - deffinitly not. As a minimium you you will need a brush, a fineliner size 0.1, a notebook or some watercolor paper, pencils and eraser.

Is this class going to be on Skillshare?

Nope. I have a lot of classes on Skillshare but this one will be exclusively on my School here.

Is there going to be more classes?

Yes! And the plan is to actually upload the classes from Skillshare as well so everything is available here. But there will also be more classes that are exclusive to this school.

What if I'm just not happy?

I would'nt want you to be unhappy. So there is a 30day money back garantie to have you covered.