In this short and sweet course, you will learn to set up a garden journal so you can use your Art to capture the ever-changing beauty in your garden. That way you can enjoy, celebrate and remember every month of it when the frost finally sets in.

For a second I want you to close your eyes and imagine this scene.

In the first months of the year you dream about the garden while painting and enjoying the art proces. But suddenly the snow melts and you are out in the garden. Stuff needs to be done. Planning, sowing, watering, growing, pruning, mowing and so on. Suddenly the frost sets in.

And then you realize:

  • You forgot to sit down and just enjoy you garden a bit.
  • You got a bit surprised by the frost setting in so soon
  • You forget which blooms you planted and where.
  • You forget the dreams you have for your garden because they came to you while you were in the middle of actually gardening.
  • Finally you realize that you have'nt picked up a brush in months!

Now try imagining this instead:

  • It's snowing outside but you are inside making plans.
  • You document your seeds, make plans and make it all come to life with art.
  • When the snow melts you dive into gardening - loving the proces. And after a good days work you sit down with your sketchbook to jot down an idea , something about soil or even a weird looking bug and then you paint the most beautiful blooms.
  • You are being thankful of the moment and of your garden.
  • When the frost sets in and you you start dreaming about the next season you have a great tool to use looking forward.

So learn to combine Art and Gardening with this great tool - An artistic Garden Journal!

You have all the creative freedom

In this short course I am giving you the tools to set up your journal. But I am not showing you how to paint and sketch each spread. That is all up to you.

Because YOU are the artist, it's your garden and its your year. So you have complete freedom which is the best thing in the world.

I am so glad you have come this far!

I would like to say hello to before you make your final decision about this course.

I have 2 passions - My art and my garden. And that is why this course is such a fun project for me.

I have been so lucky that students all over the globe has been following and learning watercolor and ink from me for more than 3 years now. And I would love to share my passions with you too.

Your investment in the tool that'll help you combine art

and Gardening and make you enjoy both even more.

(That is just about what it costs you to purchase seeds you already had lying around

and accidentaly digging up plants you didn't know was there)