Learn to use salt. Not in your food but in your paintings(!)

In this class I will guide you in how to use salt. We will try out different types of salt, see how it reacts with different amounts of water and on different types of paper.

After all the experiments we will sit back and use the techniques we learned by creating an image using salt.


How much water to use with salt

Which salt to use

How the paper affects the salt

How to paint with salt and watercolor


So grab your brushes and come paint with me.


Final Painting

You will learn to create this beautiful translucent effect of the Dandilions and also the flow and life of a field in the wind.

Course Curriculum

Words of love

"Very relaxed teaching style that puts you at ease when trying her class projects. Camilla also takes time to explain techniques and provide examples especially helpful for any beginners. I always learn a new way to do something from her courses. Im glad I found this teacher she is a creative watercolorist that just glows with passion for the subject."

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Hi, I’m Camilla

I'm a watercolorist from Denmark and I cant wait to meet you! Yes you! I absolutely love watercolors and I want to share that passion with you. I want you to embrace imperfections, loosen up and create art that you love