Learn 9(!) super effective ways to get you out of that block that keeps you from creating beauty

Fighting Creative Block is extremely important and I know this class will help you.

I will take you through steps like markmaking, testing new brushes, the power of repeating a subject, painting abstracts and even taking you a stroll down memorylane with me. I cant wait to get started!

"Ok I totally forgot about my creative Block while watching and then creating a beautiful Abstract Painting! Thank you!"

Bonus: Kickstart you Creativity

An event held over 3 days to kickstart our creativity after summer vacation.

Abstract painting

In this video you learn how to expand your creativityg with abstract painting with inspiration from pink Cosmos.

Mixed Media Frenzy

Here we take all the supplies we have around to play around and experiment with different textures and techniques.

Going Big

Sometimes it can be a wonderful challenge to find a bigger piece of paper. That is what I am doing in this video. I dont finish the painting, so the rest you have to make up all by your creative self.

Hi, I’m Camilla

I'm a watercolorist from Denmark way up north. I live with my 2 kids, hubby and cats. I get all my inspiration for painting from nature and my passion is to pass this on to others to spread joy and calm which is exactly what watercolor gives me.

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