Do you know this feeling?

You sit in the passenger seat of your car glancing out the window. The radio plays yes another song you don't know. And as you slowly start to feel like this ride better end soon, you see it.

The magical landscape right outside your car! The sun is making everything glow and you feel like nothing has ever been this beautiful. Then you take your phone and snap a photo. You promise yourself that someday you'll paint that view!

But for some reason, you don't.

3 Bonus Projects

Get comfortable painting loose landscapes with 3 landscapes in realtime narrated videos.

All content from 3 day Miniworkshop

Learn to look at a photo, figure out what story you want to tell with you upcoming landscape painting and get all the tricks you need to get there - every time!

Bonus live on choosing colors

Make sure you choose colors that complement the story you want to tell. I teach you which easily use the colorwheel to choose colors that create different feelings and which draws you in to the painting or drags you away.

Example Curriculum

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  3 Projects ready to paint
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  Videos from the Facebook Miniworkshop "Learn to finally paint that view - you just photograph today"
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  Choosing Colors for your landscape
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My name is Camilla and I absolutely love watercolor

After starting to paint I actually began to ciew the world a bit differently. I started to notice my surroundings (I know crazy right!?). But it also inspired me to take a lot of photos of landscapes that I wanted to paint some day.

Today I have taught students from all over the world watercolor for more than 3 years and I can help you paint those landscapes (because I know you have them just like I did).


You might still have some burning questions so I will try to answer them here.

How long can I access the course?

When you purchase this bundle you will have access to all the courses for life. So even when I stop selling the bundle you'll still have all the access.

What materials do I need?

All you need is watercolor, a brush of some kind, and watercolor paper. That is all. But there is always extra if you want to pump up the paintings.

What if I'm just not happy?

I wouldn't want you to be unhappy. So there is a 14-day money-back guarantee to have you covered.