Did you ever say the words 'Some day I'll paint this View'?

Then you are not alone! When you have painted for a while you'll start seeing the world differently. You'll begin to think "How would I paint this?" While tilting your head slightly looking at some beautiful mountains and a sunset. Then you take your phone, snap a photo to paint later. And then it just sits there. Because how do you begin?

Do you start with the background? How do I ever include all those tones and how can I ever do this stunning view justice?

This is totally normal! Yes you can do it justice. And think about the photo you took. Does that do the view justice? I know mine never does. That mountain always turns out flat and not at all like I remembered. So you owe it to the view to paint it and you totally can! (and I'll show you how).

Words of Love from Sophie

"Loved this class. This is the first class I took by Camilla and now she is one of my favorite teachers. Looking forward to taking other classes by her"

A few highlights from the course

Landscapes can seem a little daunting but when you get started they are so much fun to paint! And in this class we are going to let our control stand outside the door and just let our creativity flow. Because we're going to tackle the landscape with 3 experiments - trying out a ton of different tools and materials.


How to create a limited color palette

Create texture

Make a beautiful composition with a clear focal point

Learn 3 ways to paint the same landscape in watercolor

Get inspired to use what you have in your home to paint with

A couple of Bonus projects so you can really dive in to Landscape Painting:

Wet in wet Landscape

Having fun with Cellophane to create a sphere in the sky while just enjoying the flow of color.

Purple Lake

Enjoy the mixing of colors while creating flow in the sky and texture in the foreground.

Swedish Forest

Just let loose with this super fun project where we create stunning effects with a plastic card.

Meet your Teacher

Hi! I'm Camilla and I am a watercolorist from Denmark way up north. I live with my 2 kids, hubby and cats. I get all my inspiration for painting from nature and my passion is to pass this on to others to spread joy and calm which is exactly what watercolor gives me.

I have been teaching Watercolor to thousands of students all over the world for a few years now and to see how my students are learning and growing from my classes is just the biggest gift I could get.

My favourite style of painting is loose, experimental and just plain fun. I love it! And I have a feeling you'll love it too if you give it a try.

What is your one time investemt to really get your Watercolor Landscapes going, stop fiddeling with all the details and create strong, loose and experimental paintings? 



You might still have some burning questions so I will try to answer them here.

How long can I access the course?

Your in for life. So yes you can totally access this course as long as you wish.

Is this course part of the Artsy Membership?

Yes it is! And members are even invited to the live walktrough as well.

Do I need a lot of fancy materials?

No - deffinitly not. I use a lot of stuff to inspire you. But you just need paper, 3 colors and a brush as a minimum. But actually a lot of the stuff I use you can find in most kitchen Drawers so go ahead and check yours (and maybe grab a snack).

Is this class suited for beginners?

Yes! I explain the techniques from scratch and just show you a lot to inspire. It might be daunting for a beginner but I promise you will have fun and get a lot of practise just experimenting.

What if I'm just not happy?

I would'nt want you to be unhappy. So there is a 30day money back garantee to have you covered.