Embrace and relax in beautiful line and wash

This is the perfect class to learn how to sketch the summer flowers fast and effective. That way you will have time for both sketching, swimming and playing on the beach.

So grab your brushes and come paint with me (this is going to be so much fun!).


Paint this Posy with me

First You learn step by step how to sketch Daisy, Bindweed, Wild Rose, Queen Anne Lace and LAvendar.

After that we take it to the next level. Because I'll show you the entire process of creating a beautiful posy!

  1. Planning your composition
  2. Sketching
  3. Watercolor washes
  4. Inking Details
  5. Final magic touch

So let's get started!

"Camilla I absolutely love your work! And these flowers are just so perfect that I am thrilled to finally get a chance to learn to draw them!"

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Hi, I’m Camilla

I absolutely love flowers! And even more than flowers I love Watercolor! And I really hope that I can show you this passion in this class where I combine my 2 loves just for you.