In this short course, you'll learn everything you need to master vibrant watercolor. You'll know how keep your colors bright and how to make muddy neutrals.

Do you recognize this?

You are painting, just splashing around colors. You are painting a stunning Peony with bright pinks, yellow highlights and lush greens. Everything is great.

Until suddenly everything turns weird and brown.

What in the world just happened!?!

Muddy colors happen to everybody

And you might even really love it (I know I love my neutrals). But the trick is to actually know what happens when the mud appear.

So imagine actaully being able to create vibrant colors as well as mud, just when you need it!

That is what you'll learn in this course.

Content of the course

Here you can get an overview of the course. I'll go over the basics, then we'll discuss mixing and finally, I'll dive into explaining The Split primary wheel which is a real gamechanger.

I am so glad you have come this far!

I would like to say hello to before you make your final decision about this course.

I love to paint watercolor and keep being curious about the proces and why the colros act like they do. And I really want to share that knowledge with you.

I have been so lucky that students all over the globe has been following and learning watercolor and ink from me for more than 3 years now. And I would love to share my passions with you too.

Your investment in the course will help you keep your colors vibrant and understanding why they sometimes get beautifully muddy.

This price is actually very close to the price of the amount of paper you throw out because your colors turn out wrong.

Why not just fix it now.