Do you dream of making your sketches even more interesting and stunning?

Well dream no more.

Because as much as colors in nature is important so is textures. They are what show us a surface and just a tiny bite of a texture will guide our eyes to know that this a rock, a leave or a floral petal.

Sometimes textures can be overwhelming with a lot of detail, but good news - you dont have to sketch it all! And I'll show you how to get the most out of textures in watercolor and fineliner and show you that you just need to do enough.

This will be a fun and easy masterclass that will take your sketches to the next level and also make your eyes tune into textures next time you venture out in the garden or forest.

Observe and translate textures

Learn to see textures in nature and how to use different markmakings and techniques to translate it to paper. We will explore watercolor and fineliner to see different techniques we can use as tools to create textures.

You dont have to sketch it all

Textures can seem overwhelming, but with simple techniques you dont have to sketch everything. It will actually make your sketches even stronger if you dont.

Magic happens in the contrast

Just like contrasting colors are magic against eachother so are textures. So I will show you how to work with contrasts to make balanced and wonderful compositions.

I cant wait to explore with textures with you!

Hi! I am Camilla

I have to be honest with you - I LOVE flowers! And I do tend to walk around looking at them like I am in love when I tend my garden. Which means I dont really have that tidy a garden.

But it also means that I notice a lot of beauty in these small blooms that I can translate into my floral sketches and I'd love to show you how!

Oh and if you dont know me then in the very short version I am a watercolorartists, sketcher, mother, treehugger, educator, flowersgirl, catmom and Author in the making (first book coming out in december YAY).