The ultimate Autumn challenge

Are you ready for the ultimate art challenge? Then join me and a bunch of other incredible artists in sketching 31 flowers in line and wash in 31 days!

Back by popular demand on its 3rd year is Floral October!

Would you love a bit of me-time?

Chances are pretty good, that if you are like me are working, maybe have kids and are just trying to get through the crisis, you really need this time too.

Because sketching is the perfect way to clear our minds, even just for 20minutes a day. This mindful excercise will really work wonders for you and your daily life.

(I know that personally I become a much sweeter mom and wife after having spend a few minutes in my own creative space.)

But I also know that it can be hard to find the time. SO I have made this Floral October super simple. There are references and videos for each and every flower on the list. All you need to do is sit down and get started.


Tadaaaa The promptlist

This year I went all in! 31 incredible autumn flowers. And this year you will find references and videos guiding you through each and every flower in the promptlist.

You can watch them as many times as you like while practising and growing in skill with each and every video.

YOU are in charge.

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Are you still in doubt? Then here 3 strong reasons for you (or your husband)

🌸If you take time for yourself every day, you'll get a lot more energy and you'll be a better mom and wife

🌸Happy wife, happy life

🌸 Think about how many self-development techniques and courses you avoid just by doing art instead! It's so much more fun! And you can even use the money you save on supplies! Win win!

31 pre-recorded videos(!)

This year I created the ultimate floral October experience for you. Every day comes with a prerecorded video so you just lean back and practice what you see.

Note: 10 of these videos were also a part of Floral October 2022 and 4 of those videos were in the mini-class 4 floral sketches.

31 referencephotos

No practise without a reference. And floral october is no exception. So you dont have to go scrolling the internet, just sit down and get started.

A wonderful Facebook community

Sharing the experience of Floral October is actually a big part of the experience. And for that I created a dedidacted space just for the students of this course! I cant wait to see you in there!

Words of love from Helen

This class was very inspiring. I knew that painting daily would make me better, regardless of learned techniques. Just doing it makes you better. The fellowship & encouragement was unexpected.

Thanks Camilla. Floral October was amazing.

Extra Bonus course!

When you join Floral October 2023 it comes with a bonus! As soon as you sign up you get access to the course "5 Flowers in Watercolor and Ink". Then you can practise a few blooms and how to compose them in a bouquet while waiting for the challenge to get started.

Words of love from Melany

I worried if I could keep up with the challenge.

But with all the support and inspiration and draw along videos, the fact that I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes searching for the perfect reference picture was  great! 

Some days I wanted to paint more when I finished the assignment and some nights I went to bed thinking… what I was going to experiment with next time. It was exciting!!!

I seriously cant wait to get started sharing all the flowers with you!

Hi! I am Camilla and I am the teacher behind all the videos in the Floral October VIP course.

I absolutely love flowers! And even more I love to share them with others. Beause when I sketch one flower, and my fantastic students then repeats, sharing their sketches with others, it spreads like rings in water.

Pure joy and floral energy to the world 🌸 This is going to be an October to remember!

Choose a Pricing Option

I cant wait to spend this October with you! Just choose the option that works best for you and we can get started. Oh and remember you have lifetime access, so if you miss a day or two then you just watch some other day, or maybe even turn November into one more floral month!