Are you just longing for flowers this October? And would you love to explore mixing line and wash while sketching them? Then look no further - I have the perfect 31 day challenge for you.

Would you love a bit of me-time?

Chances are pretty good, that if you are like me are working, maybe have kids and are just trying to get through the crisis, you really need this time too.

Because sketching is the perfect way to clear our minds, even just for 20minutes a day. But this mindful excercise will really work wonders for you and your daily life.

The promptlist

This year the promptlist is without dates. That is on purpose.

YOU decide which flowers to sketch on a specific date.

YOU are in charge.

I just give you the tools to make it easier to create.

In the course you will find referencephotos for all prompts + a guided help either as audiofiles or video.

The mindful promptlist

Following a promptlist is extremely effectful because you work towards creating a habit for yourself. But it can also be super stressful.

So I want to make this October less stressful for you and just making sketching fun and relaxing instead of something you just have to do because the teacher says so.

That is why there is no dates on the list, there are different amount of help to get on the different prompts and I will do a live early in the course about keeping a mindful art practice.

Words of love from Cindy

I’d say the biggest progress I’ve made is in my confidence and skills at sketching flowers from visual prompts.  I’ve learned soooo much from shading, showing the curves of the pedals, accentuating the areas I want to highlight.  I’ve always enjoyed color and values and shading so this has been a great opportunity to practice.

10 Prerecorded videos

10 of the flowers in the promptlist are prerecorded videos that you can follow directly. It's Cosmo, Sweet Pea, Rose, Lavendar, Dahlia, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Iris, Peony and Wisteria.

Note: These videos were also a part of Floral October 2021.

31 Referencephotos and mindfulness quotes

You will find referencephotos for all the prompts so you dont have to go look for something to sketch. It will be right there next to you.
And you can set the mood with a comforting quote that will make you fouc on the present and your proces.

21 small audio guides

Following promptlists can be tough, but I am making it easy and fun this year. So on the prompts that does not have a video attached, I have recorded small audio bits so you can be guided by me and then put your own creativity to use.

2 bonus courses!

When joining Floral October you also get:

The course Flowers in Watercolor and Ink that teaches you all the basic stuff.

And you also get access to the Inktober 2021 warm up bundle. Here you learn how to sketch a coneflower, photographing it and keeping your motivation all the way through the month.

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Meet your instructor (ok that sounds a bit too serious it's just me)

My name is Camilla and live in Denmark with cats, kids and hubby.

I've used art throughout the years to battle stress, illness and being unemployed. Art has always given me the ease and calm that I needed.

I've used it as a tool and I really want to help you do the same.

My biggest passion when creating is flowers and we are going do dive in very very deep this month - like a lot of flowers! And I am suuuuper excited!