Are you ready for a Game Changer?

This course is the beginning of something huge. We are going to sketch flowers from bud to bloom to faded beauty. Expanding the way we usually see and sketch flowers.

Join me in this selfpaced course where I will guide you through all the subtle changes in flowers that will make your sketches truly magical.

I have studied Roses, Tulips and Daffodils. Seen how their colors change, the texture and their shapes and we will use all this to take your drawings, paintings and art to the next level.

To draw is to see

That is what I was told when I started to draw flowers. But at that time I did not take it in. Instead I was drawing what I wanted to see. What I saw on social media. Pretty flowers with bright colors. Perfection.

And to truly honest that very quickly became boring.

And I almost gave up. It took up gardening instead. And out there amongst the flowers I realized what it meant.

Drawing what you see. Observing. Noticing.

And that was a gamechanger! A big one!

Suddenly my drawings and paintings had character, life, movement. They even told a story!

And I want that for you too ❤️ That is why I created this course.

Changing shapes

The shape of a flower changes so much over a lifetime. In this first lesson you will learn how to sketch just that, what the 9 flowershapes are and how to work with all the things on a flowershape that is not in the perfect textbook tutorials.

Colors of the flowers

Have you noticed how the colors in nature are in a constant flow? A flower changes colors a lot, and we are not just talking about drastic changes in the hydrangeas here, but all the subtle changes in roses, daffies, Tulips and more.

We will explore that in watercolor and colortheory.


The texture in a flower, like the colors changes a lot. We are going to zoom into that and explore different ways of sketching and painting textures.

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Oh I am so happy to have you here! Welcome!

My name is Camilla and I am your teacher in Floral Immersion. This course has actually been on my mind for a long time. A couple of weeks ago I felt a physical pull towards a vase of wilted Tulips. Not a pull to throw them out but because they were so stunning I had to sketch them! Then I knew I had to create Floral Immersion. To share that beauty of flowers in all their growth and life.